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The first merino sheep

Extract from Men and Mobs (1947)

An historical introduction tells the origin of our fine sheep flocks, mentioning the First Fleet and later Captain Macarthur and the first merino flocks.

In 1797 the first merino sheep were brought by ship to Australia. Unlike other breeds of sheep, this Spanish variety was well suited to the Australian environment and was an excellent wool producer. By the late 1800s wool had become Australia’s major export.

Film Australia Collection NFSA: 13234 Documentary courtesy National Film and Sound Archive


1. What does this short film clip show? Summarise what you see and hear.

2. Does the film appear to have a main purpose or message? If so, what do you think it is?

3. Who made the film clip and when was it made? Use this information to try to work out why the film was made. Does this change what you think about the purpose of the film?

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