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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this website contains images, voices and names of people who have died.

The Spiritstone Saga begins

The desert is everywhere. Red sand as far as you can see. In the distance, you see a light. It looks as if it is coming out of the ground. You walk over to it. There is a bright shining stone, half-buried in the sand. You pick it up. It makes your whole body tingle. As you hold onto it, looking into its shiny centre, it sends a burst of green light out, and then fades away. 

In your hand you have a bright blue gem stone, the size of a plum.

You look into the stone and squeeze it.

‘I am the Spiritstone’. You hear words in your head. Is the gem talking to you?

‘I have chosen you to complete a mission,’ says the voice. This is crazy! Is this really happening?

‘I am the Spiritstone, I am the heart of this land you know as Australia.’

You listen closely to the words that the Spiritstone puts in your head.

‘You must travel across this land and learn about it. Only then can all the people of Australia be united.’

‘Okay, what must I do?’ You say this out loud. You feel silly doing it.

‘This land is an ancient land. People first came here more than 65,000 years ago. Now a new people have come. You must learn about both groups. I command you to try and heal this land, and bring people together. You must complete tasks to understand this land and its people. Only then can Australia heal.’

You nod in agreement.

‘Where shall I travel to?’ You ask.

‘To an island just off the northeast coast of Australia. You will meet the first British people who have come to Australia from a faraway continent called Europe. They have begun to encounter the Aboriginal people who have been here for more than 65,000 years.’

‘How will I know how to get there?’

‘I will glow more brightly when you are walking in the right direction. Now quick, the journey is long and we have no time to lose if we want to meet those first British visitors to Australia.’

You start walking, following the glow of the Spiritstone…

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