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2. Progressive ideas and movements in Australia: Key questions

By the end of your investigations into progressive ideas and movements and their impacts on Australia, you should be able to discuss all these aspects:

1. What key ideas emerged?

  • What are the idea/movement’s key features?

2. Why did they develop and spread?

  • How did the idea/movement start?
  • Who were the idea/movement’s main developers?
  • What aspects of the nineteenth century helped the idea/movement develop?

3. Why were they popular?

  • How widespread and successful was the idea/movement?
  • Who supported the idea/movement? Why?
  • Who opposed the idea/movement? Why?

4. What impacts did they have?

  • What long-term and short-term impacts did the idea/movement have?
  • Why was the idea/movement significant in this historical period?
  • Where can you still see the idea/movement in Australian society today?
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