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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware this website contains images, voices and names of people who have died.

1.1 Who will be your class captain?

<p>A class holding an election</p>

TongRo Images / Alamy Stock Photo

<p>A class holding an election</p>

Here is a story told over five scenes. Read the story then think about whether what is happening is fair or unfair.

Scene 1: A classroom…

‘Hello students. Today we have an important thing to do. We’re going to decide who
our new classroom leader is!’

(Voices mixed: ‘Great.’ ‘I want Lin.’ ‘I want Max.’ ‘I want to go to the toilet.’)

‘You can nominate the leaders and I’ll choose one. Any nominations?’

‘Hey, that’s not fair. Why do you get to choose them? They’re our leaders, so we
should choose them!’

1. What do you think? Should the teacher get to choose, or should the students make the choice?

2. Below are some arguments that support the teacher choosing, and some that support the students choosing. Drag them into the correct box.

Make your decision.

What happened next?

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